Mission, Service and Technology Statements


The mission of the Langworthy Public Library is to provide free library service to all individuals in the Hope Valley area. The library’s goal is to provide readily available access to materials, services and information for the education, entertainment and enlightenment of all.
approved 1/7/1998


The Langworthy Public Library serves as its primary clientele the people of the Town of Hopkinton and the surrounding communities without regard for age, sex, religious or ethnic background, political affiliation, educational ability or economic status. As a member of the Ocean State Libraries (OSL), the Library further extends full access to it’s materials and services at no charge to the people of the state of Rhode Island, as well as to residents of other states who pay a yearly non-resident fee of $115.00.
The Langworthy Public Library’s resources are chosen for people of all ages and reading/learning abilities, and include books, periodicals, audio books, music CD’s, video recordings, ebooks, museum passes and online databases.
The Library’s services for both children and adults include reader’s advisory, reference, and homework and referral assistance, either in-house, over the telephone, or via e-mail. In addtion, the Library offers programming for all ages, with an emphasis on pre-school children.
Interlibary loan, local history archives, and computers for public use, including internet access, word-processing and spreadsheet applications are fundamental resources available to all we serve. The library webpage provides access to the on-line catalog, selected on-line databases, and the schedule of library program offerings.



Vision Statement

The library will provide the residents of Hope Valley and the surrounding area access to up to date electronic resources, both in house and online with access to our resources from inside the library and online through our webpage, Facebook page and via email. Staff will be given access to training opportunities to better provide these services.


    • Goal I.  To provide up to date computer hardware and software.
      Objective A: Provide updated resources and hardware to meet the needs of our patrons
  1. Work closely with the Technology staff of OSL in maintaining our network services and in keeping our hardware in good   working order and up to date
  2. Provide budget funds for the purchase of Overdrive ebooks to be shared.

Objective B: Provide knowledgeable staff to assist patrons

  1. Send staff members to applicable training to keep them up to date on current technology trends.
  • Goal II. Patron and Staff educational opportunities
    Objective A: To make education available to staff and patrons in all aspects of technology provided

    1. Provide workshops for patrons to assist them in the technology we provide
    2. Provide detailed instructions online and in the library.
    3. Send staff to necessary training so they are familiar with the services we provide.


The success of this plan will be based on our ability to meet the objectives. Patrons will be queried as to the success of their searches from our computer network.


Money for this plan will come from state grant-in-aid money and grants.


Total number of computers in use in your library: 19

Number of laptops: 8

Number of computers —

primarily for non-staff use: 13
primarily for staff use: 5

Number of Printers/Fax Machines/Scanners/Photo Copiers–

Printers: 6
Printers for non-staff use: 1
Fax Total: 1
Fax for non-staff use: 1
Scanners Total: 2
Scanners for non-staff use: 0
Photocopiers Total: 2
Photocopiers for non-staff use: 1


Windows XP and Windows 7
Microsoft Office 2007